Of course it is. As long as you ask for permission (and are granted one!) before hacking someone, you are doing it ethically. Hence, you don’t need to worry.
Damn right you can. The EC-Council Course framework is specially created to train people from all backgrounds. You can either start from scratch or get familiar with hacking before you start the courses.
Once you complete a course, you’ll get a globally recognised certificate by EC-Council. We are an Accredited Training Centre of EC-Council offering education and training that complies with the standards set by them.
Very. EC-Council certificates are highly renowned and valued anywhere on the planet. You’ll be eligible to apply for high profile jobs globally, once you become certified.
It’s a lot. The average salary ranges from $85000-95000 globally. Other factors influencing this are the country you work in, the certifications you have and your work experience. Cybersecurity professionals are among the highest paid in the IT industry.
We recommend that you get familiar with the Kali Linux Operating System. Just knowing the basics would be enough. You don’t need to have an extensive understanding of it. Download Kali Linux.

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