Certified Network Defender

Learn how to defend a network in case of a crisis

People who manage computer networks should know how the net works inside out. The CND course is more like learning the art of network security. It not only clarifies your basics like how does a network work and what are the technologies used to protect it, but also takes you through the practical aspects like traffic monitoring, policy making and incident defence & response. After the course, you will be able to call yourself a certified professional and be ready to hold the battleground when your network is threatened by attackers.

Key Features
  • 40 hours of expert training
  • Offline + Online modes available
  • Licensed study material by EC-Council
  • Exam fee included
  • Proficiency-level test available
  • Eligible for Scholarship Quiz
  • Study kit with 10 GB of tools and information
  • Hands-on training with iLabs
  • Uses security strategies adapted to the pandemic
  • Maps to NICE 2.0 framework
Career Scope
Global Acceptance
Difficulty Level
The Aim

Empower Network Admins to minimise network threats and losses and maximise security by smartly handling a crisis.

Job Roles
  • Network Security Administrator
  • Network Defense Technician
  • Computer Network Defense Analyst
  • Security Operator
Course Outline
  • Network Attacks and Defense Strategies
  • Administrative Network Security
  • Technical Network Security
  • Network Perimeter Security
  • Endpoint Security-Windows Systems
  • Endpoint Security-Linux Systems
  • Endpoint Security- Mobile Devices
  • Endpoint Security-IoT Devices
  • Administrative Application Security
  • Data Security
  • Enterprise Virtual Network Security
  • Enterprise Cloud Network Security
  • Enterprise Wireless Network Security
  • Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis
  • Network Logs Monitoring and Analysis
  • Incident Response and Forensic Investigation
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Risk Anticipation with Risk Management
  • Threat Assessment with Attack Surface Analysis
  • Threat Prediction with Cyber Threat Intelligence
The Program

The program has its roots in the fact that more and more organisations are suffering security threats owing to the growing size and complexity of the cyber world. Network administrators or anyone who receives training under the CND course will be capable of basic and advanced network security handling. This includes a deep technical knowledge of network operations, data transfer and security tools like Firewall, IDS etc., supplemented by a hands-on practical training of analysing traffic, detecting flaws & attacks and responding to them.

The CND v2 includes a comprehensive security strategy, i.e., Protect, Detect, Respond, and Predict, employing skills for a post-COVID world where remote staff’s devices are the new security battlegrounds. The material is nicely rounded up with learning how to implement network security protocols and design policies to help organisations work smoothly without having to worry about network threats.

It is intensively lab based training. You’ll get access to iLabs to learn practical skills for real life application.

The study kit includes 10 GB data of best practices, tools, network policies and other learning material.

It is highly recommended for network administrators or those who want to step into network security or security analysis.

High. Organisations are hiring more network defenders than ever owing to the huge losses by rising security breaches.

It is a 5 day course with a 20 part module covering everything about network security from A-Z.

About The Exam
  • Number of Questions: 100

  • Test Format: Multiple Choice

  • Test Delivery: ECC EXAM

  • Exam Prefix: 312-38

  • Test Duration: 4 Hours

  • Passing Score – 60% to 85% (Depending on the difficulty of questions which appear in the exam)

  • Eligibility: 18+ Years

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