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Best Online Ethical Hacking Courses in India | CEH, CHFI, CPENT – Tech Brewery

Tech Brewery is where the best cyber-security training happens. We are an EC- Council accredited and esteemed institute focused on cyber-security and ethical hacking. Striving for academic excellence and applied expertise, Tech Brewery is devoted to imparting the knowledge and guidance it has gathered, to all the aspiring ethical hackers in the world. Our scholarly experts, fine training methods, state of the art labs and an extensive collection of tools join together to create a pool of knowledge that is the perfect destination of students seeking ethical hacking training.

Are you looking for an ethical hacking course online, too? If yes, keep reading to know why you have made one of the best decisions of your career and how we can help you.

Why Tech Brewery is the best place to learn ethical hacking?

At Tech Brewery, we take pride in the burning passion of our mentors who leave no stone unturned when it comes to equipping the students with every piece of knowledge and experience required in ethical hacking training. With extensive theoretical and practical sessions, up to date study material, challenging assignments, high-tech labs, regular follow-ups, proactive discussions, and detailed query assistance, we ensure that our students are taken complete care of, from course to career, under one roof.

Why students are looking for an ethical hacking course online?

Before we answer the question of what is ethical hacking anyway , you should know about why it is the talk of the town among college students, IT professionals and the entire cyber world. As the world is shifting from brick and mortar to digital with every passing second, more and more businesses become vulnerable to cyber crimes and threats. It is very easy to guess that for every malicious hacker out there, there is an ethical hacker demanded somewhere.

The cybersecurity industry itself is undergoing a remarkable rise all over the world, thereby, attracting a huge bracket of students towards its highly promising careers across all public and private sector enterprises. Hence, there is no denying the fact that ethical hacking courses are one of the most demanded courses among students and IT professionals in today's date.

What is ethical hacking?

And now, to answer your question of what is ethical hacking. It is one of the main disciplines of cybersecurity that deals with authorized breaking into a computer network or system with the aim of locating potential security threats and fixing them. According to many researchers, the demand for ethical hackers and other cybersecurity professionals is going to staggeringly outgrow its supply on a global level in the coming years. Tech Brewery is on its mission to bridge this gap and make students equip themselves with the required skills, technical knowledge and creative expertise to earn the best career opportunities anywhere around the globe.

Below, we will tell you about the best ethical hacking courses on our platform, viz., CEH, CHFI and CPENT.

1. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

To become a certified ethical hacker and achieve mastery in this field, you will be trained in certain skills and problem-solving aptitude. From gaining insight into the mind of a hacker to knowing how to use the multitude of tools at your disposal, our ethical hacking courses turn rookies into professionals who can not only assess the security posture of a company but also protect it from potential cyber attacks. Once students learn ethical hacking from Tech Brewery, they can confidently climb career ladders in any industry in the world as a highly valued asset to their organisations.

2. Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)

One of the other most demanded ethical hacking course online is the CHFI course. According to a study, a cyberattack happens every 39 seconds in the world. Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator is a discipline that deals with the investigation, analysis and recovery of cyber crimes. The demand for CHFIs in the industry is increasing at a rate that is unable to match its supply. We, at Tech Brewery, provide world-class training and hands-on skills that students require to become an expert CHFI in the cyber world.

3. Certified Penetration Testing Professional (CPENT)

Another hot selling course among students and Certified Ethical Hackers is the CPENT course, which not only takes you one step ahead in your pursuit to a remarkable career but also cements your place in the professional world globally. The CPENT discipline deals with intense practical training of using different methods of penetration testing on different computer systems in different environments. Students who have trained themselves in ethical hacking courses and are seeking to strengthen their skills along with their CV, form the majority of our CPENT batches.

What will you take away from Tech Brewery?

Like many others who are currently searching Google for an ethical hacking course near me, you, too, must be holding high expectations from your online search results. Let us assure you, that you have, in fact, come to the right destination. There is a reason Tech Brewery is a well-known name when it comes to the best ethical hacking courses in India and abroad. Whether you have a question about the ethical hacking course fee or need an ethical hacking tutorial, our experts are here to guide you in every possible way.

  • Most of our courses have a duration of 40 hours of expert-level training, where students are provided with licensed study material from EC-Council.
  • We have special web modules available, for those attempting to undertake the ethical hacking course online.
  • The ethical hacking course fee charged by our institution includes the exam fee, study material, access to 2000+ downloadable tools, as well as iLabs, wherever necessary.

Our single-minded strive for producing excellent cybersecurity professionals who are confident and adept at solving real-life challenges is what makes us one of the most preferred choices among students for the best ethical hacking courses available online and offline.

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