Enjoy unrestricted access to an all inclusive and pre-configured environment. With ready-made targets, networks, cases and tools, get everything in one place for more learning in less time.

For Everyone

From rookies to experts, iLabs is thoughtfully designed to accommodate everyone’s needs. You get to choose your difficulty level in the labs as per your convenience.

From Anywhere

Keep all your learning exercises just one click away. Access the whole iLabs Cyber Range from any corner on the planet with just an internet connection. 

For Ever

Hands-on, practical approach of iLabs helps you gain learning that stays with you for ever. Practice real life scenarios to apply what you learn at your actual job. 

How It Works

  • Login to iLabs
  • Objectives & goals are presented
  • Launch live lab environment
  • Interact with iLabs evironment exercises & tasks

About EC-Council iLabs

iLabs cover all the verticals of cyber security like ethical hacking, forensics, pentesting, attack response and attack recovery, to name a few. With more than 400 exercises and features, it offers you an unmatched, extensive, rich learning experience.

iLabs virtual cloud has a wide spectrum of operating systems like Windows, Ubuntu, BackTrack, Kali and many more which are designed to create a powerful learning experience for students.

With pre-configured targets, open vulnerabilities, ready-made networks, packaged cases and multiple exploits, iLabs provide a ready-to-attack environment for you to get your hands dirty.

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