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    Here are some things to must-read before you start participating in the forum.



    1. Stick to the forum: This forum is strictly related to Cyber Defence and Security. Keep your topics related to avoid your submissions from getting rejected.
    2. Read sample topics: Read some sample topics to ascertain whether your topic fits the forum.
    3. Structure your topic: Make sure you are crisp and precise in the Topic Title. Add other details in the Topic Description. Use relevant tags to increase your topic visibility.
    4. Respond responsibly: Keep your responses highly relevant to what has been asked or mentioned in a topic. Any irrelevant post might be reported by others and removed.
    5. Report inappropriate content: Silence encourages offenders. Report content that you may find disrespectful of the forum rules.


    1. No abusive language: Don’t use cuss words, slang, abuses or any offensive words in your topics and posts.
    2. Don’t be rude: Be nice to others and refrain from content that is rude, derogatory or a personal attack on someone.
    3. No political or religious remarks: Do not comment about any political, religious, social or moral issue. This is not the right place to start a debate.


    “How can I build a firewall on my computer?”

    “What are some ways to increase privacy in my web browser?”

    “What are the best practices to keep phishing attacks at bay?”

    “I am seeing this blue screen on my Windows computer again and again. Is it some sort of cyberattack?”

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