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A multitude of new people have joined the internet revolution as we speak and with that, a multitude of them are now exposed to grave security risks. The internet contains unimaginable amount of data, and much of that is highly sensitive, that could be used against individuals, organisations, governments, nations and society at large.

Okay, enough of fear mongering, but, hey! Everything we said is not fictitious and we donق€™t believe in giving people the benefit of doubt, especially when we see the number of vicious cyber attacks that happen every minute. (And donق€™t even get us started on the dark web.)

Who we are?

We are a team of cybersecurity experts who, not surprisingly, loves security. More than helping people and organisations in becoming cyber secure, we believe in empowering people to be self reliant by teaching them cyber security. Makes sense, right?

If you have gotten the chance of going through our website, you would have seen that our main offering is imparting knowledge through holistic hands-on learning courses. And since we take our quality and standard of education seriously, everything is certified by EC-Council, the most highly regarded certification around the world.

We invite you to breeze through our expert-led training courses in all the three fields of cybersecurity i.e. defensive, offensive and forensic. From foundation to advanced to expert level, all our 9 courses are aimed at making a professional out of a rookie. The modules and structure of the courses are crafted in a way that they are easy to digest and follow by anyone irrespective of their prior knowledge in technical know-how.

Why we do what we do?

A lot of reasons come to mind.
First of all, we do a lot of things. We donق€™t just teach. We also empower people with information. Awareness is the first step to being cyber secure and we aim to provide the best medium of awareness that we can.
A few things we do:

1. Tech Brewery Newspaper

Tech Brewery news

A good diet of daily news goes a long way to keep oneself updated with the ongoing events of the world. In our news blog, we make sure that we donق€™t bombard you with incessant cyber crime news that could kill your trust in the internet (because the world wide web is a force that should be used for good), but we keep you just enough updated so that you donق€™t stay in the darkness and expose yourself to threats that could be avoided. We take time to write the news in a way that it spikes readerق€™s curiosity and is not boring to read. That being said, we take extra care that facts are being prioritised equally.

2. Tech Brewery Blog

Tech brewery blog

The other major offering that can go a really long way to help you in a totally different manner is our blog, where we cover anything and everything that is related to the business of cyber security. Whether you are an individual who likes to surf the internet, or a student who wants guidance on choosing a career, or a manager who wants to keep her company data secure, or even an ethical hacker who wants to know how to use a tool for penetration testing, we got you. We have something for everyone that they could use for good. Our blog aims at one thing- to help people in the field of cyber security, and believe it or not, if you are one of the 4.3 billion people who use the internet, then you are our audience.
Pick your reading category, (but not limit yourself to):

  • All about hacking: Hacking A-Z. For beginners and experts alike. From tools to terminology to walkthroughs, read this space to strengthen your hacking skills.
  • Cyber Security: Everything that humans need, to stay safe. Read this space to get insights in the mind of a hacker and to know what threats are made of and how you can avoid them. Whether you are a corporate, an individual or an ethical hacker yourself, this place is the melting pot of information that is at the heart of cyber security.
  • Grow your career: Anyone who is seeking a career in this field can come here and read up on helpful information that could exponentially increase your chances of getting started, hired, promoted in the field of ethical hacking or cybersecurity at large.
  • Crime stories: For the Sherlock Holmes and the Byomkesh Bakshis, this is the space to watch out for head scratching, mind blowing cyber crime stories.
  • From our desk: Finally, if you are liking what you are reading right now, follow this space for more on what we are up to at Tech Brewery.

3. Tech Brewery Forum

Tech Brewery forum

Our forum is a community that we have initiated to help people connect with each other. You can go and ask questions, answer them, discuss technical and opinionated issues with a group, or just plod through the space to find something that you like.

4. Tech Brewery Events

Tech Brewery Events

Grow with TechBrewery

At last, it only makes sense for us to do so much, if it is helping you. It is futile at best, if you ignore all this free information and go back to being stuck at the same level of knowledge as before.
On that note, we encourage you to actively take part in receiving what we have to offer (for free!) and help us help you grow in personal and professional security space. Get daily news and weekly articles delivered in your inbox . Hope you make the best use of the power of knowledge!

Let this not be a monologue. Do tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Read more. Know more. Grow more.

Learn cybersecurity inside out


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