cybersecurity career
cybersecurity career

I don’t know if cybersecurity is the right thing for me.
I don’t know if this field has enough scope to explore.
I don’t know I will be able to secure a job for the long term.
I don’t know if I’ll regret 10 years down the line going down this path.

Hold on..we are here to answer all your questions and make your head a bit more clear when you finish reading this post.

Chances are that you are here because you are still dicey about whether you are making the right decision choosing cybersecurity as a career or not. Well, we don’t know about whether you should, but we definitely know why you shouldn’t choose a career in cybersecurity at all.

Who’s gonna need you?

No one. With so many digital stores going brick and mortar every second, nobody is going to need a cybersecurity professional. Duh! Who needs to stay safe online when they spend most of their time offline right? It’s clearly the wrong direction to go in.

career in cyber security

You won’t get hired

No doubt about that. I mean, even if you went ahead with the course, you would struggle for a job. Which companies you will apply to? Forget about startups, even MNCs and government agencies don’t give a flying f*ck about cybersecurity professionals.They got nothing to lose. It’s better to go after a career that will actually be in demand.

The world is already full of cyber security professionals

Yeah exactly! Even if you found a company to apply to, you’ll be so far at the bottom of the candidates list, that your chance of making to the selection is practically next to null. The supply of talent in cyber security is already flooding above the normal level, so we suggest you turn your career ship in another direction. Draw up a Google search and find out for yourself.

cybersecurity professional demand

All the hackers are sleeping

Since everything is recorded in paper and ink and there is hardly anything worthwhile for hackers to find online, they have been really inactive for decades now. According to a study, there is only one attack every 39 seconds. Deploying ransomware, spying on people, intelligence gathering, cryptocurrency mining, none of these are enough to entice hackers from attacking the cyber world. You can also look at our hacking news section. So empty.

Hardly any career growth

Even if you decided to learn cyber security, what kind of career growth will you be looking at..huh? You’ll probably reach the pinnacle of advancement in a few years. There will be nothing new to learn and no opportunity to upgrade your skills. And we have a perfectly valid reason for this.

Since no new technologies are being developed, there are no new threats being concocted by the bad guys. What are smart home device hacks? What is fleeceware? Seriously, we don’t know anything about them.

Career choices- Error 404: Scope not found

And there is literally no career options available if you choose cybersecurity. Ethical hacking, cyber forensic investigator, incident handler, network defender, licensed penetration tester, security specialist and more. These are hardly enough choices to choose from. Right?

cybersecurity courses
cyber forensics track
cyber security foundation track

How will you even train yourself?

Let’s assume that you go against all these glaring odds and roll up your sleeves to become a cyber security professional. Do you have any prior knowledge of technical computer stuff? Didn’t you know that this field of training requires a high amount of expertise and experience? Beginners and people from different fields never pursue this career. Choose some other line please and don’t check out this Introductory course for sure.

Is the money good?

Ah! The money. Well the average salary of cyber security professionals is a sad affair. Talk about good packages, cybersecurity professionals only get around 20% hikes as compared to other IT professionals. And can you believe the annual salary for a Cybersecurity Analyst is between $90,000 and $185,000 in the US? Shouldn’t you be going after a better paying career option?

average salary of information security officer in india

The most important part- Will you be happy?

This is probably the most important reasons of not pursuing cyber security. Finding out new ways to legally break into company networks, tracking footprints of a world class hacker, learning new hacking skills while on the job, working in a dynamic environment, being demanded and valued by both public and private companies, knowing your way inside out of complex machines. Who finds all this interesting? Seriously.. please look for some better career option.

We hope you have got some clarity about your idea of building a career in cybersecurity. And we definitely believe that you are going to make the right career choice now.

Comment with more reasons to pursue cybersecurity. Only sarcasm accepted! And share this to help friends who you think are also contemplating their career choices.


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